Charge Nurse Leadership Fundamentals


Learning Objectives

  • Employ strategies for making a smooth transition from staff nurse to charge nurse position.
  • Enhance individual and unit performance by understanding the various roles of an effective charge nurse. Apply qualities for successful leadership.
  • Create an individual action plan to identify challenges and maximize opportunities faced in today’s complex hospital environment.
  • Analyze the patient care and financial implications of hospital Value-Based Purchasing.



Topics and Samples


1. Transitioning from Peer to Leader

This topic validates the emotions and challenges charge nurses facCNF_PWB_courseoverviewe when transitioning from being a team member to managing the team.

2. Charge Nurse Challenges and Opportunities

We all know that healthcare is rapidly advancing and changing with new treatments and regulations. As a charge nurse, you have a key role in providing leadership at the point of care. The challenges presented to you are vast. But you also have many opportunities to improve patient care, the work environment, and the nursing profession.

3. Roles of an Effective Charge Nurse

As a charge nurse, you “wear many hats” at the same time. Your role can often be unpredictable. However, it is helpful for you to be aware of some of the most common roles you will fulfill on your unit. You will function as the safety net, quality monitor, and informational resource while also managing the flow of the unit and dealing with conflicts, all within a day’s work.

4. Qualities for Leaders of the Future

Healthcare is undergoing rapid and substantial transformation. Organizations are being called upon to build a sustainable vision of healthcare across the spectrum of wellness, acute illness, chronic illness, transitions, and palliation. When you think about your role as a charge nurse, what qualities do you think will help you provide your staff with the tools and resources needed to improve patient discharge outcomes and other elements of care transitions?

5. Leading Quality on the Front Line

This topic analyzes the role of the charge nurse in promoting a quality patient experience. Overviews of Value Based Purchasing and the HCAHPS Survey are covered. Group scenario discussions, e.g. Charge Nurse Unable to Demonstrate Clinical Skill, connect leadership behaviors to components of the HCAHPS rating. Participants create a personal application plan for leading quality on the front line.