Supervisory Skills for Positive Outcomes


Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate strategies for monitoring and reducing the incidence of Hospital-Acquired Conditions (HACs).
  • Apply communication strategies to confidently communicate practice concerns.
  • Employ a collaborative approach to managing conflict.
  • Utilize time management strategies to prioritize the work plan.
  • Demonstrate how to delegate tasks appropriately while maintaining accountability.

Topics and Samples


1. Reducing Error and Improving Quality of Care

In this topic, participants will explore ways in which the charge nurse role supports the safety of patients and improvement of clinical quality to reduce errors and Hospital-Acquired Conditions (HACs) on the unit.

2. Winning Communication Strategies

In this topic, participants will learn about their preferred communication style, and will practice how best to speak up when patient safety may be at risk.

3. Skillful Conflict Management

In this topic, participants will assess their own behavior in conflict situations, and learn about the most appropriate uses for each conflict management mode. Participants will discuss and practice practical strategies and tips for dealing with conflict on a nursing unit.

4. Effective Time Management and Delegation

In this final topic, participants will share their own favorite time management tips, as well as learn five essential time management strategies with a strong focus on the fifth strategy, delegation. A video vignette will illustrate how a charge nurse can effectively delegate, after which participants will discuss key points. The topic wraps up with a personal application activity focused on a challenging delegation situation.