5 Advancement Obstacles of Entry-Level Associates You May Not Be Thinking About

Health systems look to offer opportunity to entry-level workers, to help these lower paid workers find their footing and understand healthcare’s many potential career pathways. Frontline non-clinical associates are some of healthcare’s critical employees. These are support and administrative roles, like aides, assistants, environmental, nutrition, and security. These frontline employees may be your potential candidates […]

Beyond Orientation: Crafting a Winning Healthcare Onboarding Strategy

Woman with headphones on wearing blue scrubs answering phone calls next to the title "Beyond Orientation: Crafting a Winning Healthcare Onboarding Strategy".

Any new career begins with an onboarding process. In the healthcare sector, onboarding is essential to team efficiency at all levels. Understanding and implementing a successful employee onboarding strategy requires effort from both employer and employee through active participation. There are common pitfalls in healthcare specific and non-healthcare specific onboarding strategies, active engagement from all…

Creating a Culture of Connection

Group of people in shape of pie chart - Creating a culture of connection

This health system newsletter is a summary of Catalyst Learning’s webinar entitled “Creating a Culture of Connection: Proven Strategies for Success.”  To watch the webinar, click here. The 2022 workplace is being reshaped with a lens toward how the employer-employee relationship is changing.  Workers are questioning their career choices, and employers are asking themselves what…

Hospital First-Level Supervisors: Did COVID-19 Expose Weakness?

Entry-level associates in scrubs looking distraught

First-level supervisors/managers in U.S. health systems have many things demanding their attention each day. And that is during “normal” times! The 2020–21 virus pandemic created more challenges for managers in care delivery organizations, including inadequate capacity, supply shortages, and adjusting workforce capacity to cope with changing needs and patient demand. Even before the pandemic, many…

9 Ways Hospitals can Support Frontline Healthcare Workers, and Create a Winning Culture!

Most healthcare leaders agree that a productive culture is a pillar of hospital success. But there are many organizations with lofty-sounding “corporate missions” that have less-than-stellar work environments for frontline employees. Frontline employees can sometimes be an afterthought in culture development, but they are often the voice and the heart of the hospital to patients and families. To improve…