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5 Advancement Obstacles of Entry-Level Associates You May Not Be Thinking About

Health systems look to offer opportunity to entry-level workers, to help these lower paid workers find their footing and understand healthcare’s many potential career pathways. Frontline non-clinical associates are some of healthcare’s critical employees. These are support and administrative roles, like aides, assistants, environmental, nutrition, and security. These frontline employees may be your potential candidates […]

Charge Nurses as Mentors: How CNOs Can Encourage a Culture of Learning

The case for mentoring in Nursing The Future of Nursing 2020-2030 (2021) report identifies mentoring as critical in transitioning to a more equitable healthcare system stating that “new and established nurse leaders – at all levels and in all settings – are needed to lead change” (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, [NAM] 2021,…

How Can Nurse Leaders Support the Next Generation in 2024?

Thirty five percent of nurses are novices. Young nurses can become frustrated when they’re not ready to work in some clinical settings if there are additional stressors. An unpleasant workplace, especially as a newer nurse, may lead to overall dissatisfaction, low team morale, and increased turnover.   With continuing unprecedented retirements and healthcare landscape change,…

An Updated Model for Frontline Nursing Leadership

Female nurse wearing blue scrubs next to the title "An Updated Model for Frontline Nursing Leadership

This blog article is a summary of a session at AONL 2023 entitled “You may be on to something:” An Updated Model for Frontline Nursing Leadership. This was given by nurse leaders at Inova Health System. At AONL 2023, several visitors to the Catalyst Learning booth talked to us about this session and noted its relevance…

Beyond Orientation: Crafting a Winning Healthcare Onboarding Strategy

Woman with headphones on wearing blue scrubs answering phone calls next to the title "Beyond Orientation: Crafting a Winning Healthcare Onboarding Strategy".

Any new career begins with an onboarding process. In the healthcare sector, onboarding is essential to team efficiency at all levels. Understanding and implementing a successful employee onboarding strategy requires effort from both employer and employee through active participation. There are common pitfalls in healthcare specific and non-healthcare specific onboarding strategies, active engagement from all…

2023 Trends for Nursing Learning & Development Efforts

Female nurse wearing blue scrubs and a stethoscope standing with her arms crossed.

What are nursing educators, instructors, and enterprise L&D leaders thinking as we head into 2023? In this article, Catalyst Learning reflects on well-cited nursing trends (staffing shortages, informatics, retention, need for leadership pipelines, etc.) and what we hear on-the-ground from nurse educators to understand and describe four priorities for NLD efforts in 2023. CNOs/Educators Think…

Oregon Surgery Center Adds Charge Nurse Role to Enhance Unit Leadership

bend surgery center article from catalyst learning

Bend Surgery Center (BSC) is a freestanding ambulatory surgery center in Central Oregon, the first and largest in the area. It performs 13,000+ cases annually and enjoys high JCAHO approval rates; 99% of patients cite being satisfied and would recommend BSC to others. BSC’s mission is to provide a safe, comfortable, and healthy patient-focused environment.…

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